Better shipping. It’s about time.

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All your carriers in one place

We take the hassle out of shipping, giving you fast access to leading couriers and exclusive delivery rates so you can offer multiple shipping options at checkout.

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Flexible, fast fulfilment

Our platform takes care of shipping for your stores, brands and locations. Leverage our streamlined pick and pack workflows and automated packaging decisions for consistent, fast, error-free fulfilment.

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Seamless post-purchase experiences

Turn your shoppers into loyal customers with predictable, consistent delivery experiences, powered by our automated tracking notifications and in-house delivery support team.

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Easy to set up, easy all-round

Our Shopline shipping integration removes the need for manual processes, so you can connect your store in minutes.


Instant order syncing

Instantly have orders imported into Shippit, complete with product and customer details, as soon as they’re paid. 


Automated carrier decisions

Map your Shopline shipping methods with Shippit to automatically allocate orders to the best delivery service. 


Order updates, taken care of

Once booked, orders will be automatically updated as fulfilled and updated with their tracking numbers in Shopline, helping you easily keep track of orders. 

Ship anywhere with Singapore's leading couriers

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Smart technology to put you in control of your shipping

Our Shopline shipping app makes multi-carrier connectivity and carrier allocation simple, so you can offer more delivery options and sustainable, cost-effective shipments. 

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An essential platform for flexible, fast fulfilment

Easily connected with your Shopline store, we give you the fulfilment automation and shipping analytics needed to help your business grow.

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End-to-end tracking notifications for any carrier

Guarantee the same delivery experience each time, with each carrier, whatever the sales channel. Our automated tracking notifications and delivery support help you share better customer experiences that scale with your business.

“Shippit’s award-winning technology is exactly what we need to ensure we optimise our delivery operations. We are really excited about what lies ahead in this partnership”
Gary Wheelhouse; Chief Digital Officer
“The dispatch system that Shippit has developed takes our operations into consideration, making it frictionless for our franchisee staff to send out products for same day delivery. They know their stuff and we work very closely together. We had limited delivery options, and we were missing opportunities for those customers who need product shipped the same day.”
“Our deliveries are now, on average, 20% quicker ensuring all service level agreements are met! Meeting SLAs on delivery deadlines has been the greatest benefit we have derived using Shippit.”
Ludovic Terru
“We chose Shippit over Temando as the superior shipping platform due to its unique carrier allocation technology and focus on the customer experience during delivery. We need Shippit to expand faster into other markets so we can give our customers across Asia the same experience!”