Save time and money by using Shippit's technology platform

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Improve your workflow efficiency

Sync your orders, pack and label within minutes to dispatch your orders faster.


Book with multiple courier options

One account gives you access to multiple couriers – so you can get the best of every service at the right price.   


Reduce customer complaints

End-to-end tracking across all deliveries means nobody is kept in the dark ever again elevating your customer experience.

Fulfil faster and save money with automatic courier selection

Shippit also gives you instant access to pre-negotiated discount rates with Asia's best couriers. Our courier allocation engine automatically picks the most effective courier for each order, so you can fulfil orders faster and cheaper.
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Save time with dedicated delivery support

Put an end to the dreaded “Where is My Order?” question with Shippit’s instant, direct access delivery support for your customers. With the Shippit Delivery Help Launcher, in just two easy clicks they can access our delivery support from the tracking screen. 

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Provide branded tracking and notifications to your customers

Give your customers a seamless brand experience from your cart to their door. Shippit gives you the power to truly own your delivery experience.

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Easy booking
Trip Pins
Amazing tracking
Ship from anywhere

Start shipping today!

“Shippit’s award-winning technology is exactly what we need to ensure we optimise our delivery operations. We are really excited about what lies ahead in this partnership”
“All the information we need for fulfilment comes up on our Shippit dashboard. So it's very fast for us to pack, label and ship orders now.”
“Because Shippit has all the features we need, we saved half an hour of work for every 20 orders. It also gave us access to multiple couriers and the interface was so intuitive. Positive shopper sentiment definitely increased. ”
“Using Shippit we have hit >90% next day delivery while also providing a better customer service and trackability. We have also noticed a 20% reduction in overall costs. Our customers love the carbon neutral delivery and tracking experience too!”