Watch your spend

See how much you’re spending in real time and identify what’s driving it.

Analyse your freight

See how your freight profile and shipping methods impact your shipping costs.

See who’s responsible

Learn how your carrier’s performance
impacts customer satisfaction.
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Logistics meets analytics

See all of your key metrics in one place.

Keep track of your shipping activity before your bill arrives. See how many shipments you’re sending, how much you’re spending and how your deliveries are performing without lifting a finger.


Learn about your shipping profile.

See a breakdown of everything you have ever sent and learn which shipments are costing you money, instantly (coming soon).


Analyse carrier performance with ease.

Stop waiting for your customers to tell you about bad deliveries. View and compare carrier performance on proven drivers of customer happiness.


Listen to what your customers have to say.

Shippit gives you full transparency on how your customers feel about your brand. Forget long-winded surveys, Shippit’s in-built ratings tool allows you to simply find out what your customers are saying about their delivery experience.

Ludovic Terru
“We chose Shippit over Temando as the superior shipping platform due to its unique carrier allocation technology and focus on the customer experience during delivery. We need Shippit to expand faster into other markets so we can give our customers across Asia the same experience!”
“Using Shippit we have hit >90% next day delivery while also providing a better customer service and trackability. We have also noticed a 20% reduction in overall costs. Our customers love the carbon neutral delivery and tracking experience too!”
“We’re happy with the reliability of the couriers Shippit works with. Makes our job easier. ”
“Shippit integration has helped us automate our order processing and has saved us 50% time spent creating commercial invoices! The integration was especially helpful for our international shipments, mostly to Malaysia, Brunei and Australia!”
“Set up with Shippit in general has been really easy because it’s all drag and drop. It’s great having a one-stop solution so I don’t have to worry about how the invoices or labels look. Just upload your logo and it’s done!”