A brand new way to ship.

Smart Routing is our allocation technology to select the best carrier for each leg of the journey (first, middle and last mile) to connect you with reliable, cost-effective shipping and best-in-class delivery experiences.

We use analytics to choose the best network partner for each leg of the journey to make your international deliveries smarter, faster and cheaper.


Sharp rates and SLAs

Fulfil your international shipments with our discounted international shipping rates and sharp SLAs.


Our pricing, routes and SLAs are determined by a curated list of performance metrics to identify the most suitable route and partners (first, middle and last mile) for each delivery based on real delivery data.

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Ship anywhere in the world

We ship to 30+ destinations in the world without having to connect with multiple carriers. Whether in SEA or beyond we’ve got you covered.

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Track and notify

Transparent tracking that keeps your customers happy.


  • Branded tracking notifications that keep your customers in the loop 


  • Know when your parcels are held in customs 


  • Gain valuable customer feedback on which routes are performing the best

Ship in APAC and beyond with our international capabilities.

MY from S$5.03
ID from S$4.83
HK from S$9.13

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