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During the pandemic, Singaporeans craved the outdoors and found more time for exercise. Bike sales went up, and along with it, demand for cycling apparel. Velo Velo Cycle, the only one-stop store for cycling apparel in Singapore, saw their monthly online order volume grow by 5-10x.

Keeping up with the surge in e-commerce

A sudden increase in e-commerce sales meant the small team of eight scrambled to get orders out the door. These were fulfilled manually, from handwritten labels and tracking carriers to monitoring customer requests that came through Facebook Messenger. As the team felt the strain, Velo Velo Cycle’s head of marketing and digital, Kim Teo, started searching for a solution that could keep up with the business. He discovered Shippit through the Shopify App Store. 

How Velo Velo Cycle scaled by adopting an end-to-end shipping solution  

Shippit’s platform helped Velo Velo Cycle speed up order processing, reduce delivery times, and stay on top of customer inquiries. Kim says improving order fulfilment across the board was vital. “The average price of each order is $150. Because of the amount our customers are spending, we don’t want them to wait too long to receive them. We prioritize good service and our customers’ peace of mind.” 

The whole platform is accessible and very simple. I can get anyone on the team who's not familiar with the platform to jump in and do the orders. It's not rocket science.
Kim Teo, Head of Marketing, Velo Velo Cycle

Automating the entire order fulfilment process

Initially Velo Velo Cycle tried to adopt other shipping software, but the team didn’t use it much. “The previous software did only half the job for us. There was no label printing, and a lot of the  work was still manual,” Kim said. 

Once Kim made the decision to switch to Shippit, there was no time to waste. The integration process between Shippit and Shopify was seamless. “With a few steps we were able to integrate everything. It was just a few clicks most of the time. We didn’t encounter any technical difficulties while syncing with Shippit.”

Once Shippit was up and running, they instantly saved half an hour for every 20 orders. Labels could now be printed with one click. Orders automatically flowed from Shopify to Shippit. “That cut out a lot of steps. We didn’t have to worry about matching orders manually.” 

Empowering a nimble team through an easy-to-use interface 

Velo Velo Cycle has been able to avoid order processing delays by training the entire team on Shippit. The platform’s easy-to-use interface made this possible. “The entire platform is accessible and very simple. I can get anyone on the team who’s not familiar with the platform to jump in and take charge of the orders. It’s not rocket science for anyone and that is amazing.”


The integration between Shippit and Shopify was seamless. We didn’t have to worry about missing orders. It cut out a lot of manual labor and steps.
Kim Teo, Head of Marketing, Velo Velo Cycle

Finding a carrier at the sweet spot of cost and customer convenience

Velo Velo Cycle tried multiple carriers in the quest to get orders into their customers’ hands as fast as possible. They constantly had to manage customer calls about delayed parcels, and had little visibility on delivery ETAs.

Through Shippit’s multi-carrier solution, Velo Velo Cycle has now found a suite of delivery options at Shippit that helps them reduce average delivery time from 7 days to 3, guarantees door-to-door delivery, and does the job consistently. Kim values the speed and convenience that Shippit provides as it translates into fewer complaints and higher overall customer confidence.

In addition, Kim is able to rely on Shippit’s customer support team to track lost parcels and refunds. And to enhance customer service further, Kim is exploring Shippit’s Transit Protection service. 

“Customers appreciate that we try as much as possible. If they do not have to make the trip down to the post office, that’s something they appreciate as well. So it’s more convenient for our customers, and more convenient for the business”, says Kim. 

Benefits of using Shippit:

Operational Efficiency: No more manual order fulfilment and a fully-trained team.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Delivery speed and responsiveness to inquiries established customer trust and reduced complaints.

Increased online sales: Increase in positive customer sentiment led to repeat purchases.

Because Shippit has all the features we need, we saved half an hour of work for every 20 orders. It also gave us access to multiple couriers and the interface was so intuitive. Positive shopper sentiment definitely increased.
Kim Teo, Head of Marketing, Velo Velo Cycle