As we draw closer to the holiday break, it will be important for you to start preparing for the 2019 courier cut-off dates. Below, we’ve put together some recommended dates to ensure you don’t frustrate customers by missing the last delivery time for this year. 

To be extra prepared, double check with your courier service to ensure your pickup zone doesn’t have different cut-times compared to the below dates. 

Coastal Zones

Each coastal zone varies when it comes to courier serviceability. See how the courier network is broken up by zone below:

  • East Coast (SYD, ACT, BNE, MEL)
  • West Coast (PER)
  • Everywhere else (ADL, DRW, TAS)

AU Xmas 19 cut off Coastal Map


Recommended Cut-off Dates 

Below are the recommended parcel collection dates to arrive before Xmas 25th of Dec 2019. 

Standard Carriers

  • East to West – 16th Dec
  • East to East – 18th Dec
  • West to West – 18th Dec
  • Everywhere Else – 12th Dec
  • Same City – 20th Dec


Same Day Priority

  • Same Day Priority – 23rd Dec before 1pm



United States (US)

  • East Coast to US – 12th Dec
  • West Coast to US – 6th Dec

New Zealand (NZ)


  • East Coast to Auckland – 17th Dec
  • East Coast to Rest of NZ – 16th Dec
  • West Coast to Auckland – 11th Dec
  • West Coast to Rest of NZ – 10th Dec


  • East Coast to Auckland – 16th Dec
  • East Coast to Rest of NZ – 15th Dec
  • WestCoast to Auckland – 9th Dec
  • West Coast to Rest of NZ – 6th Dec


Closures and Limitations

Shippit and it’s partnered Australian carriers will be closed over public holidays throughout the peak period.

But fear not Shippit Support will be available via Live chat and email as per normal on the other days.

Carriers will limit their pickups on some peak days with the focus remaining on customer deliveries. Please, plan ahead to avoid disappointment!

  • Dec 25th (Xmas Day) – closed
  • Dec 26th (Boxing Day) – closed
  • Dec 27th, 30th, 31st – limited pickups
  • 1st Jan (New Years Day) – closed

As always, the demand is forecast to be significant. Redeliveries, collections, and resolutions will be challenging at this time of year.


Pro tip:

We strongly recommend applying authority to leave where possible to avoid the delivery being held up. If you currently use Shippit you can activate ATL right now, simply login to your account and go to Settings>Carriers>Advanced Settings.