International Shipping Checklist

Ready to go international?

Growing a business is a rewarding endeavour, and growing our market share and expanding to new marketing is an essential milestone for scaling businesses. 

eCommerce gives us access to new international markets, but international shipping is still expensive and slow in many areas. 

If you’re thinking about international expansion, this checklist will show you if you’re ready. 





Turn shipping into your competitive advantage

Convert more sales with Shippit

Convert More Sales

Start offering multiple delivery options at your checkout to convert more sales

Shippit | Where is my parcel?

Automate Shipping & Returns

Streamline packing & shipping decisions so you can focus on doing what you love

Reduce complaints with Shippit

Reduce Complaints

Keep your customers informed with an amazing experience that stops them begging you for updates

Dean Jones CEO & Co-Founder, GlamCorner
“When we said ‘this is our problem can you help us?’ Shippit said ‘absolutely’