1000% growth in a year isn’t bad, but for Charlie de Haas the measure of success doesn’t necessarily come in numbers. Clean Treats thrives through it’s mission to #sharelove – meaning supporting others, keeping healthy habits and giving without expecting to receive.


What follows is the full interview on how Founder and Director of The Clean Treats Factory has achieved game-changing growth.


How long have you been working on your business? What is your growth story?

Clean treats is now three years old. In the last year we’ve had over 1000% growth It’s been very challenging and lots of late nights. We went from a B2B business to an eCommerce business. We’ve realised online is where it’s at. Success is perceived different ways for different people…being able to wake up everyday and come to work in my dream space and have 14 staff is success.


Can you talk about a time where you thought about giving up? What made you think about doing that?

In business those moments happen all the time…where you just want to give up. This is too hard, who do I think I am, what am I doing, who’s silly idea was this? Those are the moments where you have to come back to your why.In business these times happen, and they happen regularly so its about again keeping those healthy habits of knowing what to do when they do happen so you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of negative thinking or negative actions


What does your daily routine look like? Has it always looked like this? What is your mindset for growth?·  

It comes back to investing into yourself. Ive had the best business success when ive had the best health myself…it goes back to physical and mental. I read everyday. I’m the biggest mind trainer. I love words. We need that. There are  60000 thoughts in your head a day… most of them are negative and on repeat. You’ve got to input it with positive affirmations.

I always start with a morning walk and morning exercise… there’s always generally an audiobook on and I do read everyday as well. I always drink herbal tea and I also have a breathe moment everyday and that’s a chocolate brownie – and that’s a Charlie time.


Where do you get your energy from? How do you keep the momentum going?

It really comes back to investing in yourself. How do you be the best version of yourself if you’re not fueling yourself with the right food? If youre not exercising. Your body isn’t going be able to pull the 3 days no sleep if you’re not exercising. We’ve all got to do those days. I’ve done them. Theyre not the best magic moments, but you’ve got to do them. You cant expect your body and mind to get through them and still be in love with what you do if you’re not investing yourself and preparing.

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