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Did you know that the right shipping tactics and shipping mix can drive profit for your business?

Many retailers believe that shipping is a loss-making function, but it doesn’t need to be.

Watch our webinar with Rob Hango-Zada, Shipipt’s CEO and Co-Founder, and Tom Dodd, 99 Bikes’ eCommerce Manager to see how the right shipping strategy can put you into a net positive, instead of negative.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t view shipping solely as a cost driver
  • How to make your shipping policy a compelling value proposition that acquires and converts
  • What shipping strategies there are and which ones are suited to your business
  • How to get your courier and delivery options mix right


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See how shipping from the customers nearest location slashes costs and improves CX


So now you know how shipping can generate more profit for your business, download our Omni-Channel Retail and Shipping 2018 Report to see how retailers across Australia are really shipping.


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